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Chinese Name Translation

We provide Chinese name translation services.  With our certified Chinese translators, we translate your English names into Chinese names.

We can translate your name phonetically or according to the pronunciation of your name and then make a Chinese name for you.

Chinese Name Translation - Phonetic Translation

The phonetic translation of your name will be fast and simple.  It will be the Chinese characters that sound similar to the pronunciation of your name in English.  Please contact us for more information.

Chinese Name Translation - Your Own Chinese Name

We can also make a Chinese name for you.  It will make people think that you are really interested in Chinese culture and that you are familiar with Chinese culture.  Former Hong Kong Governor Christopher Patten and current Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd have done it.  Why not you?

Chinese Name Meanings

If you have a Chinese name and would like to know your Chinese name meanings, please contact us.  We will translate the name and give you the meanings of the Chinese name.

Please contact us for more information

Chinese Name Translation of Japanese Names Written in English

It is an almost impossible task. Japanese names written in English could correspond with several Chinese characters, therefore, it would be impossible for us to choose which Kanji or Chinese characters to use.