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Chinese Translation in Denver and Boulder, Colorado

In Denver, including its surrounding areas such as Boulder and Longmont, we provide Chinese translation and Mandarin interpretation services by our Chinese translators and Mandarin and Cantonese interpreters.  We aim to help you with our professional Chinese translation services.

Aside from our certified translators and interpreters who provide legal translation and interpretation services, our qualitfied translators and interpreters are also familiar with other industries such as technology, real estate, entertainment, etc.

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Our Chinese Translators in Denver, Colorado

Denver Chinese Translator Coordinator: Mr. Huang

Mr. Huang is a Mandarin interpreter in Denver, Colorado.  He currently resides in Longmont, Colorado.  He coordinates our Chinese translators in Denver.  

Please see below for Mr. Huang's resume

• Native fluency in Chinese and near native fluency in English, free of foreign accent.
• Wide range of subject areas studied, interpreted and translated with a very large vocabulary buildup to ensure high quality interpretation for all types of situations.
• Attention to detail and quick learner.


Mandarin Interpretation Experiences

6/2004-Present, Longmont, Colorado

Federal Court: Approved court interpreter for the Federal District Court in Denver CO. Have interpreted for court trials involving patent infringement, property disputes, illegal smuggling of prohibited materials, illegal hiring, human trafficking, etc.
County Courts: Approved court interpreter for Denver, Jefferson, Boulder counties, etc. Have interpreted for court cases involving traffic violations, DUIs, criminal matters, etc.
Immigration Court: Have interpreted numerous sessions for the Denver Immigration Court as well as the Salt Lake City Immigration Court.
Conference and/or Consecutive Interpreting:
o 2005: Hunter Douglas World Manager’s conference with over 1000 attendees in Denver CO.
o 2005: GSA conference in Denver, CO
o 2006: Visits by the Chairman of China’s Commerce Bank to the U.S.
o 2010: U.S. EPA and Chinese Dept. of Environmental Protection in Washington DC.
o 9/10/09: CCCME Delegation Visit to Denver through the Colorado Economic Development and International Trade Office in Denver
o 9/26/11: World Trade Center of Colorado regarding Denver-Kunming Trade Talks at the University of Denver in Denver, CO.
o 10/19/11: U.S. Department of State and the Ministry of China State Council regarding antitrust law held at the University of Denver Law School, Denver, CO.
o 11/7/11: Arthritis Association of the U.S. in Chicago, IL
o 12/8/11: U.S. Commerce Dept. and the Chinese Commerce Dept. in Denver CO.
o 1/8/12: NCR global sales conference with over 1000 attendees in Dallas, TX
o 2/15/12: Interpreted for the U.S./China Energy Exchange Forum
o 8/12-8/27/12: Interpreted for Time Warner Cable Executive Classes

Highlights of Conference and/or Consecutive interpreting experience include:
o 2005: Interpreted for former U. S. Secretary of State Colin Powell in Denver CO
o 2006: Interpreted for the FBI in Germany
o 2009: Interpreted for the former Governor of Colorado Bill Ritter in Denver, CO
o 2012: Interpreted at the Crane and Construction Equipment Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil
o 2012: Interpreted for the China-Europe-U.S Trialogue, which includes former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright, Chris Hill and other government dignitaries

Miscellaneous interpreting: Interpretation services provided to law firms, school districts, hospitals and over the phone interpreting service companies.

Chinese Translation Experiences

6/2004-Present, Longmont, Colorado
Legal: translation of plea agreements, indictment and information sheets for the Federal Court; translation of trial related documents for patent infringement cases.
Corporate: translation of corporate agreements, corporate websites, production facility work procedural documents, government regulations for the production of various products including pharmaceutical, chemical and electronic products etc.
Scientific: translation of scientific research papers including military, biochemical, methane mining, biomedical and software programming related content.
Software: subject matter translated includes: online help/documentation, manual translation, edit and proofreading; website localization/verification; software GUI verification/testing; translation analysis; project glossary creation and translation; quality assurance; new clients’ sample test translation/evaluation; client review evaluation.