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Chinese Translation in Johannesburg, South Africa
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In Johannesburg, South Africa, we provide Chinese translation and Mandarin interpretation services by our Chinese translators and Mandarin interpreters in the cities of Johannesburg and Soweto, South Africa and their rural areas.  We aim to help you with our professional Chinese translation services.

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Our Chinese Translators in Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg, Chinese Translator Coordinator in South Africa: Samuel

Samuel is a certified Chinese translator.  As one of our Chinese translation teams in Johannesburg, South Africa, he coordinates our Chinese translators and Mandarin and Cantonese interpreters in Africa.  He has had more than 20 years of translation and interpretation experience in the US, and more than 10 years of experiences of working with people in Africa. 

He is an asset in our Chinese translation team in Johannesburg, South Africa.

General Information about Johannesburg

Johannesburg, the provincial capital of Gauteng, is the largest city in South Africa by population. Johannesburg is the wealthiest province in South Africa, having the largest economy of any metropolitan region in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Johannesburg is the centre of large-scale gold and diamond trade, as it is located on the mineral-rich Witwatersrand range of hills. O.R. Tambo International Airport, the airport of Johannesburg, is the largest and busiest airport in Africa and a gateway for international air travel to and from the rest of Southern Africa.

Johannesburg is also one of the world's leading financial centres and it is the economic and financial hub of South Africa, producing 16% of South Africa's gross domestic product.