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General Information about Thimphu

Thimphu is the capital the Kingdom of Bhutan. Thimphu lacks an airport, and relies on the Paro Airport about 34 miles away. The agricultural and livestock of Thimphu contribute to nearly half of the country's GNP. Thimphu is the center of Bhutan both for its politics and ecnomy.

Language: Dzongkha/Bhutanese

Dzongkha is a Sino-Tibetan language with over 500,000 speakers. It is the official and national language of Bhutan. While it is not the native language of the south and east regions, it is, nonetheless, the lingua franca of Bhutan.

Chinese Translation in Thimphu

In Thimphu, including the surround areas, we provide translation and interpretation services by our translators and interpreters in Thimphu.  We are here to help you with our professional Chinese, English, and Dzongkha translation services.

For document translations, our translators are able to provide certified Chinese translation services.  Please contact us for more information.

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