Chinese Patent Translation
Professional Chinese Patent Translators for Different Industries
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Chinese Patent Translation Services
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Unlike other types Chinese translation or even certified Chinese translation, Chinese patent translation demands a higher standard in which industrial specialization is required.  For example, if a patent for an electronic product is to be translated into Chinese, then we shall provide a Chinese translator with an engineering background. 

Our team of Chinese patent translators:
Yang- Certified Court Interpreter, Harvard University Graduate, Ph. D Degree in Chemistry and Chemical Biology.
Mary - Certified Court Interpreter, Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunications Engineering

For patent applications, we also provide a back translation service to verify the accuracy of the translation upon request.  Back translation is the process of translating a document that has already been translated into Chinese back to the original language - preferably by an independent Chinese translator

Back translation can improve the reliability and validity of the Chinese translation by requiring that the quality of a translation is verified by an independent Chinese translator translating back into the original language. Original and back-translated documents can then be compared.

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Chinese Patent Attorneys

We have established relationships with numerous Chinese patent attorneys or attorneys specializing in Chinese patents.  We provide Chinese patent attorney referral services. 

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Patent Translation Services

Aside from Chinese patent translation services described above, we also provide other patent translation and support services.  For example, in a litigation involving intellectual property, we can provide certified Chinese interpreters for your patent litigation case.

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Patent Litigation Interpretation Services

Our certified court interpreters have interpreted in many large and complicated patent litigation cases in depositions and court trials.  In the US, most of the patent litigation cases are tried in the US District Court Eastern District of Texas (in Marshall, Tyler, and Texarkana of Texas), Eastern District of Virginia (Alexandria, Virginia) and the Western District of Wisconsin (Madison, Wisconsin).  We have provided certified, experienced interpreters for court trials in these locations.

Japanese Patent Translation

With our professional translators, we are now able to translate a patent from Japanese into Chinese.

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German Patent Translation

We are also able to provide German patent translation services.  We can translate patents from German into Chinese.

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