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In Palau, we provide Chinese translation and Mandarin interpretation services by our Chinese translators and Mandarin interpreters in Palau .  We aim to help you in Chinese language communications with our professional Chinese translation services.

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General Information about Palau

Palau is an island country with over 300 islands in the Pacific Ocean. The island with the most population is Koror, the the city of the same name on the island is also the most populous city of the country. It is estiamted that Palau has its population number at approximately 20,000. Palau is in free association with the United States, who provides defense, funding, and access to social services.

Palau's economy is mostly based on tourism, agriculture, and fishing. The currency used in Palau is US dollars.

Palau has a history of strong environmental conservation. It created the world's first shark sanctuary, banning all commercial shark fishing within a certain 600,000 square kilometers (230,000 sq miles) of ocean.