Document Review Services
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Document Review Services
Our document review services (also known as doc review service) is one of the services we provide to law firms.  The document review process is normally performed by an attorney in the discovery phase of litigation.

Our document review attorneys will assess the relevance and/or responsiveness of documents, using knowledge about the facts of the case and the issues of law. In later stages, our document review attorneys will determine whether a document is privileged (on the basis of attorney-client communication and/or work product) or non-privileged.  We provide onsite document review attorneys, as well as document review attorneys who speak multiple languages..

Document Review Attorneys

We have more than 75 Los Angeles based document review attorneys in our database.  They have Juris Doctor degrees from law schools.  They are willing to work as document review attorneys because of the freedom as this provides to use their time as they wish, and also because it is a low-stress job, with relatively few responsibilities. 

Please contact us if you are interested in working for us as a document review attorney. (Familiarity with software like Concordance and Summation is a plus, but not required.  We will provide training).