Certified Chinese Translators
Certified Chinese Translators

Certified Chinese translators are Chinese translators who are certified by a government agency or a professional organization.  For written translations, a certified Chinese translator may be certified by the American Translators Association (ATA).  Certified Chinese court interpreters are also considered certified Chinese translators as they are able to translate documents as well.

Chinese Translators Certified by Professional Organizations

Normally, a Chinese translator certified by a professional organization is required to pass a written examination.  For instance, the American Translators Association (ATA) certifies English to Chinese translation.  The test involves translating two documents during a three hour examination period.  Currently, the American Translators Association does not certify Chinese to English translation.

Court Certified Chinese Interpreters as Certified Chinese Translators

All government agencies recognize court certified Chinese interpreters as certified Chinese translators.  Documents translated by court certified Chinese interpreters have the same legal effect as documents translated by a Chinese translator certified by a professional organization.

Certified Chinese Translator Resources

We shall add resources on how to become a certified Chinese translator soon.

Our Team of Certified Chinese Translators

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