Over The Phone Interpretation for Depositions - Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese Interpreters for Depositions via Teleconference or Telephone
Chinese Phone Interpretation for Depositions

We provide over the phone Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese interpretation services for depositions. With our certified court interpreters, we can provide deposition interpretation services via telephone or teleconference.

With more and more depositions done remotely via teleconferences, our interpreters can dial in or participate in your telephone conference and provide the same services as if they are present, or onsite for the deposition.

Certified Interpreters
  • Our certified court interpreters are certified by different States such as California, New York, Texas, Washington, Oregon, New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, etc, and our Mandarin and Cantonese interpreters are also registered in the federal district courts. 
  • With prior notice, our Mandarin or Cantonese interpreters will be prepared to dial in or login to your conference call, and with a video screen, they will be able to interpret the deponent's statement from Mandarin or Cantonese into English and the attorney's questions and objections from English into Mandarin or Cantonese. 


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