Chinese Translation Jobs
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Mandarin interpreters and Chinese translators in New York (NYC)
Benefits and Perks of Joining Our Chinese Translation Agency

1. Competitive Rates.  Increased Rates Possible Depending On Project.

The management team of Abacus Chinese Translation Services is composed of Chinese translators themselves.  Therefore, we fully understand the perspectives of Chinese translators.

We give reasonable rates to our Chinese translators and interpreters.  We increase the rates given to our Chinese translators or interpreters without being requested.  However, occasionally, we do request our contract translators to lower their rates if our clients are on a limited budget or if it is a non-profit organization.

2. We Provide Useful Feedback to Your Work Performance

We value the works that our Chinese translators have done.  We provide them with useful feedbacks so that they may improve next time because we are interested in providing the best translations possible to our clients.  Plus, we view our Chinese translators as an investment.  We wish them to grow with our company.

3. Direct Access to End Clients

On some of the larger projects, we give direct access to our end clients.  Chinese translators and interpreters will work with our clients directly because we trust our translators as well as our clients.

4. We Shield Our Translators from Frivolous Customer Demands

Sometimes, we do not give our translators direct access to our end clients for a reason: We shield our translators from frivolous demands from our end clients.  Some companies request frequent changes in the translation, and sometimes they make last minute scheduling changes to their interpretation request.  We shield these from our translators and interpreters so that they can concentrate to what they do best.

Chinese Translator - Career and Jobs

Abacus Chinese Translation Services is constantly looking for good certified freelance translators to join our professional team.  . 

To work with us, you will need to have a solid mastery of Mandarin Chinese (Simplified and Traditional characters) and at least another foreign language, two years of experience as a translator, and a university degree or proven industry experience. Priority will be given to Chinese translators who are certified by professional translation or interpretation organizations
To apply, please email us your resume for consideration. No telephone calls please!

Chinese Interpreter - Jobs and Career

Freelance Chinese Interpreter Jobs in London, UK, and other major cities in Europe

Must be native fluent in both Chinese and English, previous Mandarin interpretation experience is a must, Please email us your resume, minimum two references are required.

Freelance Chinese Interpreter Jobs in North America.

We are currently looking for professional Chinese/English interpreter in US and in Canada, especially these cities: New York, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas, Detroit, San Francisco, Washington DC, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa.

If you are interested, please e-mail us your cover letter and resume highlighting your previous interpretation and industry experience, no phone calls please.