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by Chinese Translator in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Chinese Vertaling - Vertaler Chinees
荷兰语翻译 - 荷兰文翻译

In Amsterdam, the Netherlands, we provide Chinese translation and Mandarin interpretation services by our Chinese translators and Mandarin interpreters in the city of Amsterdam.  We aim to help you with our professional Chinese translation services.

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Our Chinese Translators in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Chinese Translator Coordinator: Samuel

Samuel is a court certified Chinese translator.  As one of our Chinese translation teams in the Netherlands, he coordinates our Chinese translators and Mandarin interpreters in Amsterdam.  He has had more than 20 years of translation and interpretation experience in the US, and more than 3 years of experiences in Europe. 

He is an asset in our Chinese translation team in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

General Information about Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam is the capital and largest city of the Netherlands, located in the province of North Holland in the west of the Netherlands.

Amsterdam is the financial and cultural capital of the Netherlands. Many large Dutch institutions have their headquarters there, and 7 of the world's top 500 companies, including Philips and ING, are based in the city. The Amsterdam Stock Exchange, the oldest stock exchange in the world, is located in the city centre. Amsterdam's main attractions, including its historic canals, the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum, Hermitage Amsterdam, Anne Frank House, its red-light district, and its many cannabis coffee shops draw more than 3.66 million international visitors annually.