Chinese Translation Services in Dublin
By Professional Chinese Translators and Mandarin Interpreters in Dublin
, Ireland
Chinese Translation in Dublin, Ireland

Since 2008, our Chinese translators and Mandarin interpreters have provided Chinese translation services in Dublin, the capital and most populous city of Ireland. We have helped many customers in different industries with a full suite of Mandarin interpretation, Chinese translation and Chinese localization services.

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About The City of Dublin

Dublin is the economic centre of Ireland, and was at the forefront of the country's rapid economic expansion.  The economic improvements in the 1990s have attracted a large number of global pharmaceutical, information and communications technology companies to the city and Greater Dublin Area. Companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter and Pfizer now have European headquarters and/or operational bases in Dublin. Intel and Hewlett-Packard have large manufacturing plants west of the city.