Court Certified Interpreters
Court Certified Interpreters

Court certified interpreters are interpreters certified by state and federal courts in the United States. State and federal judicial branches normally have testing agencies to give out interpretation exams to prospective court interpreters.  Normally, the court interpretation exam consists of two parts, a written part, and an oral part.  The exam is extremely rigorous and the exam passing rate has been very low.

When interpreting in courts, court certified interpreters are expected to be an independent party during a deposition or a court hearing.  Court certified interpreters must accurately interpret for individuals with a high level of education and an extensive vocabulary, as well as for persons with very limited language skills without changing the language register of the speaker. Court certified interpreters are also sometimes responsible for translating written documents, often of a legal nature, from English into the target language and from the target language into English.

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Court Certified Interpreters in California

California court certified interpreters have an important job in the courtroom: they interpret court proceedings for witnesses and defendants with limited English skills or for parties who are deaf or hard of hearing. The position requires strong memory and communication skills. Court certified interpreters in California shift between two different languages, in real time, accounting for different types of speech and grammar. They also know legal terms and commonly used courtroom forms and reports.

Currently, the Judicial Council of California certifies the following 13 languages:

* American Sign Language
* Arabic
* Armenian (Eastern)
* Armenian (Western)
* Cantonese
* Japanese
* Korean
* Mandarin
* Portuguese
* Russian
* Spanish
* Tagalog
* Vietnamese

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