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Chinese Patent Attorneys in China

Chinese patent attorneys have to pass the bar exam in China as well as a rigorous examination for patent attorneys.  According to some statistics, less than 2 percent of all exam takers who are Chinese attorneys pass this exam.  Thus, with a growing number of foreign patents filed in China, Chinese patent attorneys are highly in demand.

With our licensed Chinese patent attorney in China, we are able to assist you with your patent application filings in China.  Our Chinese patent lawyer is affiliated with one of the largest Chinese patent law firms in China, and has successfully filed several thousand patent applications for domestic Chinese individuals and companies as well as several hundred patent applications for foreign individuals and companies.

Please see below for brief introduction of the Chinese patent attorney in China.

Our Chinese Patent Attorney in China, Ms. Fan
Chinese Patent Agent - Mr. Zhang

As one of our Chinese patent attorneys in China, Ms. Fan, Esq, is a partner at a Chinese patent law firm in Jiangsu Province, a Chinese patent agent, and the director of the Department of Patent Applications of the Chinese patent law firm.

Please read Chinese Patent Attorney - Mr. Fan for more information about our Chinese patent lawyer..

Chinese Patent Services - Filing and Fees

With our Chinese patent attorney in China, we are able to provide you with Chinese patent filing services.  Please see our fees for filing patents in China.

Chinese Patent Attorneys in the US

In the United States, there is a handful of Chinese patent attorneys and patent agents who can read and speak Chinese fluently.  Most of them are located in either Los Angeles or New York. 

Upon request, we will be able to refer you to some of the Chinese speaking patent attorneys or patent agents in Los Angeles or New York. 

Please contact us for more information.