Team of Chinese Translators

Chinese translator in Dubai Ma Hongxiang is a Chinese national residing in Dubai, UAE. She has good spoken and written language skills across English, Japanese, and Chinese. She has worked in various business establishments in China, Japan and UAE in the roles of sales and business development. She is used to the nuances of conversing and communicating to executives of multiple nationalities in multiple languages. She can adapt her language skills of Chinese, Japanese and English, and her understanding of business to ensure that business dealings are completed as an interpreter. For translation of documents she can skillfully translate from Chinese to English, and from English to Chinese.

Please see below for Lucy's resume.

Key Skills
- Chinese to English and English to Chinese interpreter
- English to Chinese to Japanese cross interpretation
- Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation
- Experience of working in sales and business development in China and Japan
- Experience of working with executives of multiple nationalities in Dubai, UAE
- Japanese to English and English to Japanese interpreter

Education and work experience
- Year of high school graduation (12+): 1998
- Name of school: Changchun Yushu Senior High School, Jilin, China
- Qualifications: Diploma in Basic Language English
- Business Development Manager, Pinan Insurance Company, Heilongjing, China, 2008-2011
- Production Manager, Technical Intern Training Program, Japan, 2012-2015

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