Team of Chinese Translators
Albert Zhou -Chinese Translator and Mandarin Interpreter based in Shanghai, China

Chinese translator ShanghaiAlbert is a Chinese translator and Mandarin interpreter based in Shanghai China. He currently works for a technology company in China.  With a bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering and Automation, he is a Shanghai based Chinese translator who is also familiar with technology terminologies.


• Chinese translator/interpreter for the President of Switzerland, Mrs. Doris LEUHARD, for her speech on Shanghai World Expo Cleantech Switzerland Day;
• Chinese translator/interpreter for United Nations Under-Secretary-General Kiyo Akasaka, for his speech at United Nations Academic Impact and Entrepreneurship International Forum
Chinese translator and interpreter in Shanghai, China• Chinese translator/interpreter for Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry, Jean-Marie Lehn
• Chinese translator/interpreter for French Pavilion, Swiss Pavilion, Swedish Pavilion, Belgian-EU Pavilion, Indonesian Pavilion etc. in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo;
• Chinese translator/interpreter for Fortune 500 companies like Johnson&Johnson, Pfizer, UBS, Morgan Stanley, CLSA, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, Ajinomoto, Whirlpool, Jabil etc.;
• Chinese translator/interpreter for institutions like United Nations, French Embassy, Swiss Embassy, Australian Trade Commission, South Australian Government, City of Perth, Western Australia, City of Compton ,California etc.;

Simultaneous Interpreter in Shanghai, China• Speaks Fluent English & Multiple years of experience in Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation in Shanghai, China and other cities. Proven excellence in effectively and accurately getting messages across when helping clients in business negotiations, business conferences, sourcing products, contacting partners and finding contractors.

• Has extensive social network and key business contacts in Shanghai and its vicinity in the fields of steel, non ferrous metals, futures trading, data center, solar power, real estate, electrical and electronic manufacturing, mechanical HVAC and medical equipment. Have successfully helped multiple clients find suppliers, sourcing products and negotiating big business deals. The list includes Siemens, Whirlpool, and Current Energy.

• Multiple years working experience in HP as an English-speaking trainer; His main responsibility was to conduct training sessions to worldwide customers (USA, Asia Pacific and Europe) on certain IT knowledge.

• With a strong engineering background (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) and as a Certified English-Chinese Interpreter, Albert is capable of conducting interpretation for business summits/conferences, top management interviews, press conferences, business meetings/negotiations, engineering workshops, webcasts etc.


B.E., Electronic Engineering and Automation, Shanghai University

Program Coordination

Chinese translator in Shanghai, China• Successfully turned Utilization Desk into a 24×7 support team.
• Formulated, wrote, and implemented Utilization Desk Manual.
• Delivered training sessions on eComCat and ePrime, which are two very important assets in HP.
• Record audio and create online courses for grow@hp.
• Worked with regional Leads (based in US, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Europe) on identification of various training needs.


• Coordinated between Subject Matter Experts (SME) and documentation specialists on identification of releases and enhancements/changes. Meanwhile, kept a close supervision on project progress.
• Managed a team of documentation specialists to create/update technical documents.
• Managed multi-million dollar localization projects.

Training & Certificate
• Advanced English Interpretation Certificate
• Train the Trainer Training Certificate
• PMP Training Certificate
• High Performance Employee Training Certificate
• Quality Training Certificate

Summary of Translation and Interpretation Experiences of Albert

1. 2008 China Human Resource Management Summit 2008 (Mandarin Simultaneous Interpretation for 2 days), Shanghai, China
2. 2008 China Supplier Quality Management Summit 2008 (Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation for 2 days), Shanghai, China
3. 2009 HP Processes & Capabilities Vice President visit & meetings 2009 (Chinese Conference Interpretation and Consecutive Interpretation), Shanghai, China
4. 2009 Whirlpool PMO Director, Lead Buyer and Lead Engineer factory visit & business meetings & negotiations. (Business Meeting, Chinese Consecutive Interpretation), Shanghai, China
5. 2009 Siemens R&D director and QA director visit to factory & business meetings & negotiations, Shanghai, China
6. 2009 Liko Medical Equipment Training 2009 (Mandarin Consecutive Interpretation, Shanghai, China)
7. 2009 Hill-Rom Medical Equipment Training 2009 (Chinese Consecutive Interpretation for 3 days in Shanghai, China)
8. 2009 Current Energy’s business negotiations & meetings 2009 (Chinese Consecutive Interpretation in Shanghai, China)
9. 2010 Jabil Global Webcast 2010

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