Team of Court Certified Chinese Interpreters
Peter - Chinese Translator and Certified Court Interpreter in Los Angeles

Peter is a certified court interpreter for Mandarin Chinese and a Chinese translator based in Los Angeles.

Please see below for his resume.

Peter S. Deng

Citizenship: U.S Citizen

Georgetown University Washington DC. 2009
Certificate: English for Heritage Language Speakers Program
• Full-time, intensive program in English for professional scholars.
• Attended on full scholarship from the National Security Education Program.
• Collaborated closely with Department of Defense Analysts to collect open source documents and analyze their relevance pertaining to the societal forces influencing migration to and adoption of mediation technology in interpersonal communications in China.
• Prepared results of extensive analytical research to high-level intelligence community officials for program symposium in June 2009.
• Analyzed and briefed about world events related to national security on a weekly basis.
• Wrote reports and briefs in various writing formats and styles used throughout federal government.

East Los Angeles College
Courses on Administration of Justice Present
Courses including: Legal Aspects of Evidence, Concepts of Criminal Law, Business Law, and Introduction to Administration of Justice.
Liaoning University, Shenyang, China, 1982-1986
B.A., English Language and Literature

Language Skills
Native fluency in Mandarin Chinese, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
Professional level proficiency in English

Relevant Experience

California Certified Court Interpreter, Los Angeles, California 2010-Present
• Provided interpretation services between Mandarin and English language in California Superior courts.
• Translated official and business documents from Chinese into English, and vice versa.
• Audited documents translated from Chinese into English, and from English into Chinese
• Substantial experiences in the simultaneous interpreting, which involved from varied business conferences, seminars to the international business exchanges.
• Worked with different Interpretation and Translation Agencies throughout the States in the field of legal depositions.

Logistics Manager, MTI Logistics Inc. Los Angeles, California, 2010-Present
• Established and implemented a successful freight brokerage and truck transportation services.
• Responsible for planning, forecasting, scheduling, and the processes management.
• Managing transportation & distribution operation on daily basis with marketing, customer service networking development, and corporate strategic requirements.
Logistics Manager, Leader Logistics Inc., Los Angeles, California, 2009-2010
• Served as freight coordinator and truck dispatcher with a wide network of over 60 manufacturers, wholesale distribution centers, and third-party independent distributors.
• Coordinated pick-up, shipping, and delivery of goods with the 50 truck drivers in my company as well as drivers from other companies.
• Communicated regularly with vendors/customers in English and with drivers in Mandarin to assure timely delivery of merchandise throughout the nation.
• Negotiated contract terms with all the customers and interfaced with accounting department regarding company finances as needed.
• Maintained a safe, orderly, punctual delivery service.
• Interacted closely with all drivers to maintain morale and served as linguistic and cross-cultural business advisor and mentor, aiding recent immigrants in starting similar small businesses.
• Researched and analyzed market to remain competitive.

Instructor, Freight Broker Program, El Monte, California 2007-2008
• Launched first Freight Broker program for Chinese immigrants working to own business.
• Compiled curriculum materials to teach small business regulations and legal structure, management and crisis management skills, DOT regulations, load searching programs on the Internet, and understanding of tax and insurance issues.
• Ensured understanding through both classroom and hands-on instruction.
• Taught over twenty students in both Mandarin Chinese and English.

Truck Dispatcher, JJES Express Inc, Rosemead, California, 2005-2006
• Ensured safe, punctual delivery of goods, requiring strong attention to detail.
• Supervised compliance with Department of Transportation regulations and oversaw driver safety inspection.
• Planned routes of freight deliveries based on fuel economy.
• Tracked and coordinated loading and unloading of goods.
• Coordinated multiple schedules and problems simultaneously.

Skills and Qualifications
• Certificate: Los Angeles Institute of Translation and Interpretation completed 12/08.
• Experience in simultaneous, consecutive, and sight interpretation in the US Court system, meetings, and conferences; ability to accurately convert from source language into target language.
• Certificate: Entrepreneur Training, a four-month series of courses covering business, information technology, management and professional topics, sponsored by the Small Business Administration, California, completed 2/07.
• Certificate: Transportation Broker Training School, a two-week program in Youngtown, Arizona, Completed 5/06.
• Graduate courses in Hotel Administration, Cornell University, 9/02 to 6/03. Courses included Managerial Accounting, Corporate Finance, Organizational Behavior, Managerial Communication, and Information System Management.
• Knowledge of politics, culture, and history of China.
• Excellent presentation, interpersonal, and communication skills
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet search
• Research report for DOD titled: “Societal Forces Influencing Migration to and Adoption of Mediation Technology in Interpersonal Communications in China” (6/18/2009)
• PowerPoint presentation on 4/23/2009 and 6/18/2009 on DOD Report.