Team of Court Certified Chinese Interpreters
Jun- Chinese Translator and Mandarin Interpreter in Washington DC

Jun is a native Mandarin speaker, a Chinese translator and Mandarin interpreter capable of doing simultaneous interpretation and conference interpretations.  Please see below for his resume.



I have over ten years experience interpreting and translation for conferences and international delegations. I have also provided extensive written translation for a number of widely publicized projects. In addition, I have performed many simultaneous conference interpretations for universities, government agencies, and high-tech corporations.

- Drafting and translating Partnership Agreements and Authorization Letters for Education Association for China Tomorrow and Chinese collaborators.
- Translating contracts and agreement between Education Association for China Tomorrow and its partners in China.
- Providing interpretation for meetings between stakeholders of Education Association for China Tomorrow from May, 2009 to present.
- Providing simultaneous interpretation for Association for Vascular Access Scientific Annul Meeting, September 24-September 26, 2010, National Harbor, Maryland.
- Providing interpretation for The meeting of Chong Qing Travel Bureau’s visit to Washington DC Tourist Office, December 9, 2009. Washington DC.
- Providing Court interpreting service for immigrant from China

- Chinese translation of Part II: “Institutional Pillars of the National Integrity System” in Confronting Corruption: The Elements of a National Integrity System, Transparency International Source Book 2000 (Chinese Edition) Beijing: China Fangzheng Press.
- Chinese translation of Speeches of Ambassadors of Canada, Israel, and the Republic of Korea, to the P.R. China. In Series Speeches of Ambassadors in China, Chi Hui Sheng, eds, Beijing: Peking University Press.
- Chinese translation of Miller, Warren and Donald Stokes. 1963. “Constituency Influence in Congress.” American Political Science Review, 57 p45-56 and Chapter Six “Five Legislative Case Studies” Philip Maynard Williams. 1968. The French Parliament: Politics in the Fifth Republic. New York F.A. Praeger. In Cai Ding Jian and Shang Ying, eds. Citizen Participation in Legislative Decision Making in the World , Beijing: Chinese Legal Press.

The University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois December 2007
M.A., International Relations
Peking University, School of International Studies, Beijing, China July 1999
M.A., the History of Chinese Communist Party with Highest Honors
Capital University of Economics and Business, Beijing, China July 1995
B.A., Public Finance


Program Associate (Part-time) May 2009- Present
Education Association for China Tomorrow, Gaithersburg, MD
- Initiate, develop, and implement the Association’s the Youth Assembly at the United Nations programming and support the Association’s new initiatives in Young Leadership exchange program
- Draft and track correspondence and communications with donors and program stakeholders
- Represent the program, as needed, at internal and external meetings
- Present information and respond to questions from media, governmental entities, and the general public about the implementation of programs.
- Draft Partnership Agreements and Authorization Letters for Education Association for China Tomorrow and Chinese collaborators

Research Assistant September 2008 –May 2009
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington DC
- Translated, edited, critiqued and checked references, summarize, and help with software or presentational tasks
- Provided direct research for visiting fellows to generate new conceptual frameworks to analyze topics on China’s foreign Policy.

Program Associate
HD Dimension Corp, Princeton, NJ March 2008 –May 2009
- Worked with Executive Director on strategic planning and developmental direction for company
- Coordinated conferences, including managing mailings, preparing invitations, making travel arrangements, scheduling, corresponding with speakers, preparing itineraries, and maintaining records of travel expenses and billings
- Managed budgets, including preparing and tracking monthly statements, creating and updating Excel spreadsheets, preparing vouchers for reimbursement and creating and maintaining templates for financial tracking and budgeting
- Represented the company at outside conferences; taking a leadership role in collaborative sessions or and planning meetings co-chaired or co-sponsored by the company。


Graduate Research Assistant January 2003-May 2006
Department of Political Science, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
- Provided analytical reviews and summarizes of existing literature on the implication of the rise of China to the Security of East Asia.
- Conducted independent research on a broad range of topics on China’s foreign policy.
- Helped manage logistical requirements for department conferences, lectures, and events with speakers, including hotel accommodations, travel, and travel reimbursements for conferences participants.
- Assisted with the project Internal Conflict in the Asia-Pacific Region: Evaluating Conflict Management Strategies funded by the Royal Society of New Zealand. The work involved analyzing, summarizing source material, and monitoring, developments on the topic at request of professors.

Program Coordinator July 1999-December 2002
Beijing Pacific Institute of International Studies, Beijing, China
- Assisted Deputy Directors in planning, developing, and implementing programs on anti-corruption strategies in China
- Managed, monitored and evaluated programs designed to identify government participation and economic development in China
- Facilitated publication of “How to Deal with Crisis: An Analysis of the Mechanism of the US National Security Decision-making Process” (Published by The Contemporary Press, Beijing, China, 2003)
- Coordinated with other staffs in planning and implementing programs
- Assisted with the implementation of the annual strategic plan.

- “ The Effects of Economic Interdependence and International Organizations on a Rising China in the Asia
Pacific Region” (Co-authored with Canrong Jin) International Studies Association. Annual Convention.
March 1 – 5, 2005, Honolulu, Hawaii.
- “A Dynamic Analysis of Hegemony and War” presented at the 2005 annual meeting of Midwest Political
Science Association. April 8-10, 2005. Chicago, Illinois.
- “Duration of the Peace after Repeated Civil Wars in Southeast Asia” (Co-author with Karl DeRouen)
presented at the Annual Meeting of the Peace Science Society (International). November 4-6, 2005,
University of Iowa.
- “Resource, Governance, and the Duration of Civil War” prepared for delivery at the 2006
International Studies Association Annual Convention. March 22-25, 2006, San Diego, California.
- “How Do Domestic Institutional Factors Affect Conflict Behavior of Democratic Countries (Co-author
with Zhang Wanfa) prepared for delivery at the 2006 annual meeting of Midwest Political Science
Association. April 20-23, 2006, Chicago, Illinois.

- International House Graduate Student Fellowship, University of Chicago, 2006-2007.
- Travel Grant, International Studies Association, 2005, 2006.
- Graduate School Travel Grant to International Studies Association Conference, University of Alabama, 2005.
- Graduate Council Fellowship, The University of Alabama, 2003.
- Distinguished Graduate Student, Peking University, 1999.
- Yang Naiying Fellowship (First Class Prize), Peking University, 1998.
- Nakamura Scholarship, Capital University of Economics and Business, 1994.
- Distinguished Student, Capital University of Economics and Business, 1992.