Check Interpreters
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Check Interpreter - Frequently Used in High Profile Litigation Cases
A check interpreter is an interpreter that listens and makes sure that the interpretation performed by the main interpreter is complete and accurate.  It is frequently used in high profile litigation cases, especially those involve patent litigation cases, ITC cases, or complex intellectual property cases.  A check interpreter is normally requested by the party being deposed, or those on the defense side.

A check interpreter may also function like an ear when "side conversations" in another language occur and thus making sure that the opposing side is aware that someone was observing and monitoring any other necessary and unnecessary conversations. 
The Work of A Check Interpreter
The check interpreter listens intently during depositions or hearings, making sure every interpretation rendered by the main interpreter is complete and accurate.  Some might feel that the work of a check interpreter is much easier than the main interpreter.  This may not be the case.  Same amount of attention and energy is put into the entire hours and focus is the key for a good check interpreter.

Generally speaking, the check interpreter is not allowed to speak with the main interpreter, both during depositions or hearings and after depositions or hearings.  This is to prevent unnecessary conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest.  A check interpreter's role is to listen, observe, and check, making sure everything is in compliance with the ethics and rules of interpretations during depositions.

We have provided many professional check interpreters for high profile litigation cases.  Please contact us for more information.