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Chinese translator in Xiamen, Fujian, China
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Stella - Mandarin Chinese Interpreter in Xiamen, Fujian, China

We provide Chinese translation and Mandarin interpretation services in the city of Xiamen.  Our Chinese translators can provide you with their professional services.

Please see below for the resume of Linda, one of our Chinese translators in Xiamen

Education and Languages –

Fluent in Mandarin Chinese (native) and English.

Boston Center for Adult Education March (America) March 2012-September 2012
Studied in US and perfected written and spoken English.

Inner Mongolia University of Technology
Bachelor of Arts in English September 2006-July 2010
TEM 8 (Test for English Majors) May 2009

Work Experience –

International Officer at an Educational Institution November 2012-Present
Xiamen, China
Translate visa applications, website information, financial documents, etc. for clients. These translations help to increase client understanding of overseas opportunities. Other duties include sales and consulting with prospective clients.

Freelance Translation May 2011- Present

Have performed translations for multiple companies and individuals. Translations have primarily been English-Chinese, with focus in finance, law and culture. Have achieved speeds of over 3000 words per day for high-quality translation.

Angelina’s International Placement Service July 2010-March 2012
Department Manager, Senior consultant
Beijing, China

Managed our department’s (International Liaison) eight employees. Responsible for ensuring that our Department met company recruiting & sales targets, and translated clients’ contracts, schools’ introductions, English website, English advertisements and foreign experts’ application documents, etc.

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