Team of Spanish Translators

Below is a list of our certified Spanish translators.

Certified Spanish Interpreter in Los Angeles - Diana MartinezDiana Martinez - Certified Spanish translator and interpreter based in Los Angeles, California, USA.

She has interpreted variegated proceedings in both simultaneous and consecutive mode. She is familiar with different proceedings, such as criminal and civil trials, preliminary hearings, pretrial conferences, sentencing hearings, qualified medical examiner evaluations, focus groups, etc. With strong written and oral communication skills in both English and Spanish, she has the ability to recognize and understand both formal and idiomatic expressions in English and Spanish. She is also familiar with cultural issues, and has strong knowledge of medical terminology in both languages. With strong interpersonal skills necessary to interact with patients, their families and health care providers, she is also very knowledgeable of interpreter code of ethics and standards of practice.  Last, but not least, she is able to perform under stressful situations.

Lucy Rivero - TV hostess, Spanish translator and interpreter in Los Angeles, Entrepreneur
Graduated from University of California, Los Angeles, Extension Program with a certification in Spanish translation and interpretation, Lucy participated as an expert Spanish interpreter in the television program O J tonight and highlighted the inconsistencies between what Rosa Lopes (a witness) said while on the stand, and what the court appointed interpreters rendition was of the events. As a reporter and later an anchor for KLCS News, Lucy had over 200 interviews with dignitaries ranging from Former president William Jefferson Clinton; Former 1st Lady Barbara Bush, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, etc. She produced and hosted The Solterón, a TV reality show in Bolivia