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Ms. Gao is a Chinese interpreter in Shanghai, China.  Over the years, interpretation services in medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare fields, including simultaneous interpretation..

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Ms. Gaoi, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Healthy Care Interpreter


September 2010 to June 2012      Shanghai International Studies University
Masters of Translation with concentration on urban planning and designs
Courses include translation and interpretation on materials related to urban planning, commercial development, CAD drawing, 3D rendering, residential development

Some Past Interpretation Experiences
February 2017                  Acrex India 2017
Interpreted for discussions related to HVAC, refrigeration and cold chain, air conditioning, ventilation and smart buildings
Engaged in discussions related to interior design, renovation, etc.

June 2012 to September, 2012    Nairobi, Kenya and Shanghai, China
Translated development plans, design drawings, master plan, schematic design for a real estate development company, a molding construction company, and a construction company for their project in Kenya, East Africa.  Also interpreted for their meetings with the architecture design firm in China related to their Nairobi Urban Road Project, commercial development project including shopping centers, office buildings and incubators. 

February 2012 to March 2012     Zhenjiang, China
Interpreted and translated for Shanghai Shenda Development Company for their sports field project in the Philippines.  Topics included designs of running tracks, tennis courts, soccer fields, energy efficient designs.

June 2011 to July, 2011                 Shanghai, China
Translated and interpreted for an international real estate project.  Parties involved include a trading company in Shanghai, a real estate development in shanghai, and the property owner of Hong Kong Plaza.  Topics included commercial development plans, licensing and construction permits, scheduling, design drawings, 3D rendering, and marketing plans.

November 2008               Shanghai, China
Interpreted and translated for an Australian development company related to energy saving houses in Australia.

Simultaneous Interpreting Experiences

November 2015                              Shenzhen and Shanghai, China

January 2014                   Shanghai, China
Pharmaceutical company internal meeting


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