Chinese Tour Guide in New York
Licensed Chinese Travel Guide in New York City
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Affiliated with a Chinese travel agency in New York City, we provide Chinese tour guides in New York.  We are also one of the few companies that can provide licensed Chinese sight-seeing guides in New York City.

With our licensed Chinese speaking tour guides in New York, we provide sight-seeing and travel guide services in Chinese and English.  Please see below for more information.

Professional Experiences of our Chinese tour guide in New York

With the recent influx of visitors from China, we have provided New York tours for Chinese visitors traveling in New York and nearby cities.  We are similar with the common requests of Chinese visitors and we will be your ideal host for them.

Licensed Tour Guides in New York

Our tour guides are licensed by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs.  In order to become a New York licensed tour guide, one would need to take a 150 question exam, and 97 questions need to be answered correctly.  The questions cover

1) Basic travel information about New York subways, City buses, and the Staten Island Ferry
2) General New York City Knowledge
3) New York City History
4) New York City Neighborhoods
5) Major New York City Landmarks
6) Ethnic Studies and Immigration Patterns of New York, Past and Present
7) New York Museums, Art, and Culture
8) New York Music, Theatre, and Dance
9) New York City Literature
10) Religions in New York
11) Architecture and basic New York City Planning
12) Parks and Parkways in New York, plus Greenwood and Woodlawn Cemeteries
13) Ethnic Foods in New York
14) Public Sculptures of Noted People in New York
15) A Few Residences of Noted People/Celebrity “Walks of Fame” in New York City

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