English, Russian, and Chinese Translation Services in Kaluga, Russia
By Professional English, Russian, and Chinese Translators and Mandarin Interpreters in Kaluga, Russia
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We are fortunate enough to have professional English, Russian, and Chinese translators joining us in Kaluga, Russia, providing you with English, Russian, Mandarin interpretation services in Kaluga, Russia.

Should you have legal documents, business contracts, or personal letters that need to be translated into English, Chinese, or Russian, please contact us.

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About Kaluga, Russia

In recent years Kaluga has become one of the centers of the Russian automotive industry, with a number of foreign companies opening assembly plants in the area, a region 150 kilometers south of Moscow

Its current governor is ANATOLY ARTAMONOV,

The Economist Magazine had an article in November 2014 describing Kaluga as a business friendly city, comparing it to Singapore.