Professional Portuguese to English Translator and Interpreter in Luanda, Angola - Antonio

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Professional Portuguese to English Translator and Interpreter in Luanda, Angola - Antonio

Antonio, a Zimbabwe national, is a professional Portuguese to English translator and interpreter based in Luanda, Angola.  He has worked for the Angola Press Agency (ANGOP) and as interpreted for various of conferences and seminars.

Please see below for his resume.


Primary and Secondary Education – Alan Wilson High School Zimbabwe
Undergraduate in teaching methodology - English Course at Agostinho Neto University (ISCED)


Journalist/Interpreter/Translator- Angola Press Agency (ANGOP)

Work Experience:

Journalist – 2002- ANGOP

Interpretation and Translation Work Experiences: (Conferences and seminars)

2002 – 2011: 1- SADC summits and workshops in Angola, British Petroleum (BP) seminars, International Road Conference in Angola, The Netherlands Trade Mission to Angola, Italy Trade Mission to Angola, US Embassy: meeting between US delegations with Angolan officials, Pride Foreman seminar, FAO Conference, MPLA (Country’s ruling party Congress), Gulf of Guinea Conference, UNDP seminar, Unicef seminars.

2- Unesco and Angola-Ministry of Culture Conference, South Africa’s President Visit to Angola with the business delegation, Pope’s Benedict XVI visit to Angola, World Bank seminar, NEPAD seminar, Porto de Luanda, OPEC conference, MPLA and Southern African Countries Parties Conference, Foreign Affairs Ministry, Africa Cup of Nations Orange2010, South Africa’s Ombundsman visit to Angola, Africa Ombundsman and Mediators Association (AOMA) Conference in Angola, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UNICEF, UN Agencies in Angola.

3 - Gulf of Guinea Commission conference, African Diamond Producing Countries ( ADPA)'s Ministers Ordinary Meeting, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Administration and Territory, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, FESA - Fundação Eduardo dos Santos, Banco Africano de Desenvolvimento (BAI), Banco Keve, Banco de Fomento de Angola (BFA), Ministry of Commerce, Banco de Negocios Internacional (BNI)among others.


Ministry of Culture, Education, Unesco Cluster office in Angola, Foreign Affairs Ministry, Provedoria da Republica, Gulf of Guinea Commission, US Embassy in Angola …


Accounting and management – Harare- Zimbabwe
Marketing and Public Relations – Rádio Escola (LAC)-Angola
Certificates on HIV/Aids Course – Zimbabwe and Angola