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With our certified legal video specialist in Los Angeles, we provide legal video services and legal videographers.

Legal Video Services and Legal Videographers

Legal video services are mostly used during depositions.  Along with the stenography services provided by court reporters, legal videos supplement the deposition process by capturing things that cannot be normally conveyed through a transcript, such as body language, hesitation, sweat, trembling, seething, gritting teeth, etc..  Thus, during important depositions, the deposing attorneys or law firms may request legal video services.

Aside from above, there are more reasons why an attorney would want to videotape a deposition so that the services of a legal videographer are needed.

1) It is a way to preserve the testimony in case a deponent dies, becomes too ill, lives out of state, runs away, or is otherwise unavailable to testify in court. The law in some jurisdictions allows for certain expert’s testimony to be presented by video, even if they are available to testify in court in person.

2) Video testimony is helpful for legal staff and expert consultants to gain a greater insight into deposition testimony as they prepare for trial.

3) Deposition video testimony may be used to impeach a witness if they change their testimony at trial.  It carries a greater impact at trial than just reading back from a transcript, as the judge or the jurors are able to see the witness making explicitly different statements on the video.

4) When people know they are being videotaped, they tend to be on their best behavior. Sometimes hiring a videographer to record the event has a calming effect on disruptive attorneys and litigants. This lack of disruption means that an attorney may be able to get the job done today, rather than finishing it off tomorrow.

Certified Legal Video Specialist in Los Angeles

Certified legal video specialist logoWhen you need to give the jury the most accurate picture of witness testimony, you need to call a Certified Legal Video Specialist in Los Angeles.

A Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) is someone who has obtained this certification and is well trained, knowledgeable and has been tested and proven to his or her peers within the same industry.

National Court Reporters Association LogoThe CLVS certification is bestowed through the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA), which is one of the oldest and most trusted organizations in the legal field.

The Certified Legal Video Specialist must adhere to very exacting standards for their equipment, procedure, technique and conduct.

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