Chinese Business Cards
Chinese Business Card Translation and Printing in Los Angeles

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Chinese business cards and Chinese business card etiquettes

Aside from Chinese translation and Mandarin interpretation services, we also provide Chinese business card translation and printing services in Los Angeles. 

Our certified Chinese translators are able to translate your business cards accurately and in a timely fashion, and our professional printing services will be able to print your Chinese business cards with the highest quality.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chinese Business Cards

1. How fast can you translate our business card into Chinese?  How much does it cost?

We can translate your business card within 2 hours, and it costs $40/card

2. How long does it take for you to print our Chinese business cards?  How much do they cost?

Normally, for double-side black and white business cards, it takes about 2 or 3 days to print 1000 cards.  The cost will be $250.  For double-side colored business cards, it normally takes about 1 week, and the cost will be $350 for 1000 cards.

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