Japanese Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Abacus Japanese Translation Services provides Japanese simultaneous interpretation services through our Japanese simultaneous interpreters.  Ms. Maeda, working as a freelancer, provides Japanese simultaneous interpretation services for technical conferences, information technology conferences, medical and pharmaceutical conferences, government agencies, financial/asset management conferences, automotives conferences, and conferences related to agriculture and arts.

Please see below for details:

Japanese simultaneous conference interpreting

Motorola Supplier Alliance Conference, Century 21 Real Estate International Conference (three times), Pizza Hut World Conference, Walt Disney Store Annual Conference, TAI World Conference, Walt Disney Imagineering Graphic Conference, Walt Disney Entertainment Department Art Symposium, Arthur Anderson Worldwide Workshop (accounting), Walt Disney Quality Service System Seminar, International Jet Fuel Conference, National Football League International Broadcast Summit, Nike Golf Global Summit, Kyocera Mita America National Sales Meeting (twice, manufacture of copiers and printers), Japan Television (three times), McDonald Worldwide Conference, Japan Television (4 times) , Outback Steak franchisee conference, and others.

Japanese simultaneous interpreting for technical conferences

Micro Motion Conference (Coriolis technology mass flow measurement), NACE(automotive aftermarket collision repair convention), Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Council Meeting (highly technical) and others

Japanese simultaneous interpreting for Information Technology conferences

Motorola Supplier Alliance Conference, Magic User Conference, CISCO System Conference, Sybase Tech Wave 2000 (twice), User Conference, IBM Global Conference, Sun Micro System/SDRC Collaborative Product Management, Research In Motion Annual Conference and others

Japanese simultaneous interpreting for medical and pharmaceutical conferences

Congress on Physical Activity, Disability and Aging Symposium, World Symposium on Central Service In Hospital, Toxicology Conference (research paper presentation by toxicologists), National Mental Health Association, Smith & Nephew conference (articular endoscopy-twice/advance wound-once), Association of Cosmetic Chemist (research paper presentation) and International Conference on Gastro Intestinal Capsule Endoscopy (research presentation by physicians) , Epidemiology and Management of Fungal Infection(in Chicago, majority of the participants are professors of medical university), Takeda Pharmaceutial Uterine Fibroid Management Global Experts Meeting, Ormco orthodontics product sales conference, and others.

Japanese simultaneous interpreting for government and government agencies

Global initiative to combat nuclear terrorism law enforcement conference (Department of State sponsored, key note addressed by Cabinet-level and senior executives from Department of State, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Energy and FBI, and participation from over 20 foreign government organizations.)

Japanese simultaneous interpreting for finance/asset management conferences

Frank Russell Investment Management Company Global Consulting Conference, GE Capital Conference (twice) and Planco/Hatford Conference.

Japanese simultaneous interpreting for automotives conferences

Honda Manufacturing conference, Toyota Auto Focus Group and Metaldyne Genoa (auto parts supplier) technical presentation in Detroit and Chrysler global dealership conference.

Japanese simultaneous interpreting for agriculture

Cargill, Inc. Genetically Modified Crop Technology Forum (agriculture) and Midwest Specialty Grains Conference.

Japanese simultaneous interpreting for arts conference

Kappa Convention (Japanese antique “Inro”, “Netsuke” and “Sagemono” lectures and auction by Sather bees)

Japanese consecutive Interpreting

Based in Orlando, Florida, Ms. Maeda has 15 years experience as a consecutive interpreter. She interprets for many Japanese delegations, such as Kyushu Prefecture Economic Development Commission and journalists' farm tour to introduce Florida as a high tech potential state in Japan, delegations visiting Mayor of Orlando and many more.