Stenographer/Shorthand Writer/Legal Transcriber/Court Reporter Needed in Hong Kong
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Abacus is currently searching for an English stenographer/court reporter with a legal background and at least of 3 years of professional experiences who are willing to be relocated to Hong Kong. The candidate will work for a multinational company based in Hong Kong and will need to have the following skills and experiences:

• Trained in shorthand and use of the stenography machine (and or related technology)
• Professional experience as a Court Reporter, Speed-text Typist, Speech-to-text Reporter, Legal Transcriber, or Shorthand Writer
• High level of speed and accuracy in shorthand code writing/typing skills
• Excellent grasp of the English language and good listening skills
• Ability to exercise discretion when dealing with confidential materials
• Strong work ethic; exhibit professionalism at all times
• Understanding of legal terms and financial products a plus

If selected, the candidate will have the following responsibilities:

• Seated next to Senior Lawyer and listen in on meetings and/or discussions over the phone or in-person; or access calls and/meetings remotely
• Type shorthand verbatim into a stenography machine and transcript the discussion materials
• Provide transcription support when needed
• Provide general legal administration work when needed

In addition, the candidate will be expected to provide assistance outside of contracted hours to perform their duties and to fit in with the demands of the department.


Salary Level: USD$6000/month or above, based on experience.

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