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Abacus French Translation Services provides French interpreters in Los Angeles.  Our French interpreters are specialized in interpreting in legal depositions, business meetings, as well as for other occasions.

Certified French Interpreters in Los Angeles (Oral French Interpretation)

As a French translation company, upon request, we may provide you with a court certified French interpreter.  Currently, the Judicial Council of California is the only governmental agency that certifies French interpreters.  With the a few court certified Los Angeles based French interpreters in great demand, the market price for these court certified French interpreters may go up to more than $200/hour.  Most of them would require a two week prior notice for booking them.

Non-Certified French Interpreters in Los Angeles

When booking a court certified French interpreter is not possible, we may provide you with a non-certified French interpreter in Los Angeles.  The French interpreter will be an experienced one and a highly qualified one.  Please contact us for more information.


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