Chinese Translation Services
with Jenny, a Chinese Translator and Mandarin Interpreter in Dallas
Chinese Translation in Dallas
Chinese Translation Services in Dallas by Mr. Wang, a Chinese Translator and Mandarin Interpreter in Dallas
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Licensed Court Certified Chinese Mandarin Interpreter in Dallas, TexasJenny is a professional Mandarin interpreter and Chinese translator in Dallas, Texas, providing a variety of services related to Chinese translations and Mandarin interpretations in Dallas and surrounding areas such as Fort Worth, Arlington, etc.

Please see below for Jenny's information.

Professional Chinese Translation and Mandarin Interpretation Experience
Chinese Translator/Interpreter
Licensed Mandarin Chinese Court Interpreter, Freelance Translator and Interpreter,
March 2015-Present
Current clients including but not limited to:
 SOSi (November 2017 – present): Court interpretation for the Executive Office for
Immigration Review.
 MasterWord (September 2016 – present): Court interpretation for Fort Worth Municipal
Court, medical interpretation for patients and doctors at Presbyterian Hospital Dallas,
Texas Children's Hospital, case interpretation for Child Protective Services.
 Accento (August 2016 – present): Court interpretation for Dallas Municipal Court and the
U.S. Federal Court.
 Certified Languages International (January 2017 – present): Telephone interpretation for
hospitals and banks.
 Teneo Linguistics Company (October 2016-present): Telephone interpretation and
corporate and government publication translation.
 Csoft (August 2016 - present): Software, mobile application and gaming translation.
 Transn (March 2015 - present): Public relations translation, international conference
translation, TV and film translation.
 Sunshine Insurance (March 2015 - present): Corporate publication translation.
 Serve as back-end for U.S. and Australian deal teams totaling over 652million USD of
investments, including but not limited to working with lawyers and external translators on
contract translation, assisting insurance due diligence, assisting investment managers
responding projects requests, assisting the internal payment process and interpreting
business meetings with overseas project partners.

Shanghai International Studies University 2015-2016
Chinese-English Conference Interpretation Program
- Finished the 1st year (2-year program)
University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas, USA 2003-2007
- Bachelor of Business Administration - Finance with Accounting minor
- Bachelor of Science - Actuarial Mathematics
- Study Abroad in University of Bath, Bath, England
- Watson Wyatt Scholar, Towers Perrin Actuarial Scholar, Marcus Leon Strum Scholar, University Honor (for maintaining a GPA of 3.83)

English – Native Fluent; Chinese – Native Fluent

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