Chinese Patent Litigation Interpretation Services
Professional Certified Court Interpreters with Intellectual Property ITC Case Experiences
Also see International Trade Commission Cases (ITC Cases)
Federal Intellectual Property (IP) and Patent Litigation Cases

For complex patent litigation cases filed in the US District Court Eastern District of Texas (in Marshall, Tyler, and Texarkana of Texas), Eastern District of Virginia (Alexandria, Virginia) and the Western District of Wisconsin (Madison, Wisconsin), we have provided experienced certified court interpreters or licensed court interpreters for interpretations in depositions and trials.  Some of our interpreters have engineering backgrounds, while others specialize in depositions of patent litigations.

ITC (US International Trade Commission) Cases

We also provide Mandarin Chinese interpreters who have interpreted for patent or intellectual property cases filed with the ITC (US International Trade Commission).  Recently, increasing number of patent infringement cases are filed with the ITC rather than with the regional federal courthouses.  ITC has stronger technical capabilities, almost limitless discovery possibilities, favorable nationwide relief as well as a fast-pace schedule.  Not only it is a favorable venue for domestic companies, it is also becoming a venue of choice for foreign companies as well.

With its stringent requirements on interpreters as well as its fast-pace schedule, for your convenience, we hereby provide a list of interpreters who have had ITC case interpretation experience.

Please contact us if you need their services.

List of Mandarin Interpreters who have ITC Intellectual Property (Patent) Case Experience (They work as freelance interpreters and/or independent contractors.  We will ensure that there is no conflict of interest).


American Translators Association (ATA) Certified Translator (English to Chinese), California Certified Court Interpreter (Mandarin to English, and English to Mandarin), International Trade Commission (ITC) Deposition Interpreter in Los Angeles (Experienced in interpreting in depositions and court appearances of more than two dozens of USITC cases.  Certified by American Translators Association as a Chinese translator for legal documents as well)

Kasie - Court Certified Mandarin and Cantonese Interpreter in Palo Alto, Atherton, Menlo Park, Mountain View, San Francisco, and San Jose (Experienced Mandarin and Cantonese interpreter specializing in IP and complex litigations in California)

Yang - Harvard University Graduate, Court Certified Mandarin Interpreter based in the Bay Area (Majored in Chemistry, participated in numerous ITC patent/IP litigation cases)

Samuel- Certified Mandarin Court Interpreter (Participated in the translations and interpretations of some of the IP/Patent cases, and served as a linguistic expert witness for some other cases)

Mary- Mandarin Interpreter, Court Certified Mandarin Interpreter in California (The only Mandarin certified court interpreter in California with an engineering background)

We will provide the resumes and contact information of other interpreters such as Helen Cole, Marilyn Luong, etc upon request.