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US Office of Chinese Patent and Intellectual Property Law Firm: JiaQuan IP Law Firm



- One of the oldest and most experienced intellectual property law firms in China
- With patent attorneys and former examiners of the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) of China (China Patent Office) with over 20 years of experiences based in the US and China
- Coordinated by licensed state and federal court interpreters and translators in the US, we also provide excellent services to you in the US by our patent agents and experts.
- Excellent communications with the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) of China, and can effectively resolve challenging cases in the patent application and litigation process.

Business Representative: Samuel Chong

Patent Attorney: Mr. Longbu Zhang

Patent Attorney Longbu ZhangMr. Zhang, Our Chinese Patent Attorney in China

Longbu "Logan" Zhang, Partner at Jiaquan IP Law Firm, Former Patent Examiner at SIPO. Mr. Zhang joined Jianquan IP Law Firm in 2013. Previously, he worked as a patent examiner in China for 20 years in the fields of Electronics and Communications. Before Jiaquan, He worked for Beijing Dragon IP Law Firm as the director of Electronic Department, and Lung Tin International IP Agents Ltd. as a partner in charge of the Electronic Department. He is skillful in patent prosecution, invalidation, infringement analysis in the fields of networks, communication, software, computer, image processing and electronic commerce, etc. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in electronic engineering in 1983 and a master's degree in IT project management in 2007. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California, and Beijing, China.


Intellectual Property and Patent Law Firm in ChinaCompany Profile

Established in 1985, Jiaquan IP Law Firm is one of China's most experienced and renowned intellectual property law firms. With seven offices in China and two offices in the US, Jiaquan IP Law Firm provides patent prosecution, re-examination and invalidation, patent search, licensing and litigation services in China for US clients.

With over 300 patent attorneys and support staff, Jiaquan IP Law Firm has handled over 10,000 patent/trademark applications and represented a wide range of clients in both innovative industries and traditional industries such as electronics, telecommunication, computer software, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, electrical engineering and manufacturing, as well as helping Chinese clients to file hundreds of US patent applications each year.

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