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Patent Attorney Longbu ZhangMr. Zhang, Our Chinese Patent Attorney in China



- Former patent examiner in China for the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO)

- One of the earliest patent attorneys in China

- Currently serving clients along with the oldest and the most experienced intellectual property law firm in China

- Resides in Los Angeles, California, and Beijing, China


Practice Areas
Image Processing
Electronic Commerce
Artificial Intelligence

Mr. Zhang graduated from Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications in 1983 majoring in electronic engineering. In 2006-2007, he finished a Master Program of IT Project Management in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. In 2008, he studied Artificial Intelligence Technology in the Vestec, University of Waterloo, as an academic visitor.

Mr. Zhang was one of the first examiners in China, and worked in China Patent Office for 20 years in the fields of Electronics and Communication. Furthermore, Mr. Zhang translated and studied plenty of patent documents from different countries.

He worked for Beijing Dragon IP Law Firm as the Manager of Electronic Department in 2004. He was responsible for training staffs and patent prosecution for foreign clients. In 2005, he joined Lung Tin International IP Agents Ltd. as the director of Electronic Department (Partner).

Mr. Zhang established Beijing Oriental AITrans Science & Technology Co., Ltd. in 2010. It not only studies and develops the translation tools for patent literatures in various languages, but also constructs the corresponding intelligence knowledge base.

In 2013, Mr. Zhang joined Jiaquan as the director of Beijing office (Partner) and Patent Attorney. He is skillful in patent prosecution, invalidation, infringement and other IP matters in the fields of network, communication, software, computer, image processing, electronic commerce and artificial intelligence.

National Patent Attorney Association, Patent Attorney
China Intellectual Property Research Association, Senior Member
Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE), Senior Member
American Intellectual Property Law Association, International Member
China DT/ HDTV Standard Committee, Committee Member
China DVB-C Standard Discussion Committee, Committee Member
Institute of International Translation Service and Management, Researcher

IP Experience
1983-2003, Electronics Examination Department of China Patent Office, Patent Examiner;
2004-2005, Beijing Dragon IP Law Firm, Manager of Electronic Department;
2005-2009, Lung Tin International IP Agents Ltd. Director of Electronic Department/Partner;
2013 up to now, Jiaquan IP Law Firm, Director of Beijing Office (Partner) /Patent Attorney;

Education and Training
R&D of Artificial Intelligence technology in the Vestec, University of Waterloo, as an Academic Visitor, in 2008;
Master Program of IT Project Management, in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, In 2006-2007;
Program of Microsoft Software Development, in Chinese Academy of Sciences Software Research Institute, in 2000;
Program of Patent Database Search, in European Patent Office (Hague, Netherlands), in 1995;
Program of Modern Communication, in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, in 1990;
Training Program of Patent Examination, in German Patent Office (Munich, Germany), in 1989;
Programs of Patent Laws and Systems, Organized by China Patent Office and WIPO, in 1983-1985;
Bachelor’s degree of Electronic Engineering, in Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, in 1979-1983;

Published Articles
“Research of Criteria and Scope of Patent Protection in China”, on AIPPI Patent Research Report, in 2009
“Patentability and Infringement of Selection Inventions”, on AIPPI Patent Research Report, in 2009
“Analysis on Patentability of E-Commerce”, on “Intellectual Property”, in 2008
“Automatization and Online Search of China Patent Office”, in 1995
“WPI Database Searching Strategy”, in 1995
“Significance of Sufficiently Publishing a Whole Technical Solution in a Patent Application”, in 1986
“Analysis Report of Development of Video Disc”, in 1986
“Relationship between Patent Implementation and Productivity”, in 1985

Published Books
English-Chinese Digital Image and Video Technology Dictionary, by Tsinghua University Press, in 2006
English-Chinese Radio and Television Technology Dictionary, by Tsinghua University Press, in 2004

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