CCC Factory Audit
Translation, Interpretation, and Consulting Services for

China Compulsory Certificate Factory Audits
Abacus Chinese Translation Services has provided consulting, Chinese translation and interpretation services to a variety of factories that successfully went through the CCC (China Compulsory Certificate) factory audit process.

Having a Chinese culture consultant and a Chinese translator not only ensures your factory to be in compliance with the requirements set by the CCC, but also to provide an excellent experience to the auditors so that your company will have a smooth audit experience.

We have provided such services for various companies in the United States, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, South Africa, etc, and our translation and consultation services have received excellent feedbacks from both the auditors (including a founder of one of the auditing agencies in China) as well as the factory owners.

Being Chinese ourselves, our presence will make the auditors more comfortable, and their requests will be communicated more accurately to the factory so that the entire auditing process will be conducted in a more efficient manner.

We also have technical expertise as well as knowledge about the most updated CCC requirements and regulations.  With us, your will have a successful CCC factory audit. 

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