Pro CSS for High Traffic Websites in Simplified Chinese

Pro CSS for High Traffic WebsitesPro CSS for High Traffic Websites, a book focused on improving the performance of websites through the use of CSS, has been translated into simplified Chinese.

The book, written by Antony Kennedy and Inayaili de León, was translated by Dingkun Jiang (dapang) and Yongqiang Wang of China.

Below is its contents at a glance

Chapter 1: The Value of Process
Chapter 2: CSS Style Guide
Chapter 3: Fundamentals
Chapter 4: Frameworks and Integration
Chapter 5: Brand Implementation
Chapter 6: CSS and Accessibility
Chapter 8: Performance
Chapter 9: Dynamic CSS
Chapter 10: Testing and Debugging
Chapter 11: Creating Your CSS
Appendix 1: CSS Standards Guide
Appendix 2: Accessibility Guidelines
Appendix 3: Browser Support Guidelines
Appendix 4: Development Process

Original  authors' website is at and the Chinese translation of the book can be purchased through Dangdang,, or