Team of Court Certified Chinese Interpreters
Chia-Rhu Yang- Certified Mandarin Court Interpreter, TeoChew Interpreter in Los Angeles

Chia-Rhu comes from Taiwan.  Aside from Mandarin, she also speaks TeoChew (also known as Chaozhou, Teochiu, Tiuchiu, Diojiu, Chiu Chow dialect) and is able to interpret TeoChew dialect as well. She specializes in health care interpreting and is a member of the California Health Care Interpreting Association.  Graduated from the National Taiwan University (The best university in Taiwan) with a bachelor's degree in Philosophy, she also studied at the University of Texas, Houston, with a master's degree in Philosophy.

Her experiences in resume format is presented below:

Freelance Interpreter and Translator in Los Angeles:
June 1996 - Present
• Provide culturally sensitive medical interpretation services in Mandarin/English and Chao Zhou/English in hospitals, clinics, school districts, mental health facilities, hospital for rehab medicine, forensic community treatment program, battered women’s shelter program etc. throughout Greater Los Angeles Area, and telephone interpreting services;
• Interpret for courts, immigration interviews, asylum interviews, workers compensation, divorce legal counseling, educational conferences, workshops, and depositions;
• Provide translation, editing, reviewing of translation work for health-related and social services materials, patient educational materials, brochures, member booklets, informed policies, legal documents, etc.;

Languages: English, Mandarin, Chinese Dialect - Chao Zhou